Lighting up Nalbari (Clean Nalbari, Green Nalbari)
The district of Nalbari has deep roots in culture and education. It boasts of one of the first schools established by the British-the Gordon School. The town of Nalbari now bustling with a population of 7,71,639 as per 2011 Census is expanding at an alarming rate. Urbanization has meant that the town of Nalbari is having an ingress of population from the villages. The market places and residential areas need proper sewerage treatment plants, proper water treatment plants and a planned market place.

Nalbari District Administration is in the process of establishing a robust drainage and sanitation system. It is making efforts place signposts to clearly identify important locations. The district administration of Nalbari has through people’s participation ensured the town to become an ivory town. All the shop keepers have voluntarily adopted a single color for their exteriors giving the market places a neat look.

The district administration has requested the shopkeepers to number their shops and has encouraged all of them to purchase individual dustbins. These dustbins are also marked like the shops and are kept in front of the shops for collection by the municipal authorities. The identification of the dumping sites and the exercise of solid waste management is underway.